What is Mold?

Mold is a fungus that grows in damp places. There are many types of mold. In nature, its function is to help in the decomposition of organic matter.

Mold becomes a problem when it grows inside a home. Damp basements and crawl spaces are ideal breeding grounds for mold, but any damp or wet area will do. A leaky pipe, a leaky roof, and window condensation can all lead to mold growth.

Because mold often grows under floors and behind walls, a home can be infested with large colonies of mold unseen.

Top Warning Signs of Mold in the Home

Here are some of the top warning signs that you may have a mold infestation that requires basement waterproofing or foundation repair.

mold in basement

moldy home Basement. mold problem. water intrusion with mold.

  1. A damp or musty smell. If it smells like mold, mildew, or dirt, you may have a mold problem. This is because mold gives off a pungent odor and is one of the biggest signs that mold is taking over your home. However, some homeowners are so used to the smell that they don’t even notice it. If you’re not sure, ask a friend or family member to stop and smell it for themselves.
  2. Black spots or stains. Mold often appears as dark spots or stains on walls and insulation. But there are many types of mold that look very different, from fuzzy gray or green clumps to white streaks and colorful patches of orange, pink, or purple. (Believe us, it’s not as pretty as it sounds.)
  3. Peeling wallpaper or paint. If you see bubbles, cracks, or peeling on the wallpaper, it means that moisture has seeped under the wallpaper and weakened the glue. Mold likes to grow in those damp pockets, just hiding.
  4. Damp, humid basement. Basements are a breeding ground for mold. In fact, they are often cooler than other parts of a home and cold temperatures create condensation. In addition, cracks in the foundation can allow water in and create a place for mold to grow.
  5. Condensation on windows and pipes. Mold thrives in areas where condensation creates moisture.
  6. Allergies and health problems. Toxins released by fungi can cause serious health problems. Symptoms of mold exposure can include red, watery eyes, sneezing, itchiness, chest tightness, and shortness of breath. People with asthma or a weakened immune system may be particularly susceptible.

How to Prevent Mold in Your Home

It’s much easier to prevent mold than get rid of it once it’s there. Follow these six tips to help reduce the risk of mold in your home.

mold damage

mold damage in basement roof.

  1. Eliminate leaks and other sources of moisture. Mold needs moisture to grow. Fix any leaky pipes and plumbing to help keep mold at bay. A foundation waterproofing professional can help.
  2. Use a dehumidifier. Turn on a dehumidifier in the basement or any area of your home that feels damp or musty. Try to keep the humidity level below 50%.
  3. Ensure proper ventilation. Make sure your kitchen and (especially) bathrooms have adequate ventilation. Turn on bathroom fans while in the tub or shower to help remove moisture from the air.
  4. Keep bathrooms clean. Regularly clean sink drains, and shower walls. Hang wet towels instead of laying them on the floor.
  5. Change furnace filters regularly. High-efficiency particulate (HEPA) filters are best at capturing mold spores and preventing them from circulating throughout your home.
  6. Get help from a pro. Schedule an appointment for a free foundation waterproofing evaluation to make sure your home is free of water leaks and signs of mold.

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