Basement renovations are a great way to maximize your living space and add value to your home. It can be a complex project, though, with plumbing, electrical work, and even foundation repairs required. Whether you are dreaming of a new game room, home theater, or even an additional bedroom, hire a professional to turn that dark and dusty storage area into a beautiful space for your family to enjoy. If you’re looking for Basement Renovation and Remodeling Services in Roswell GA, this article is for you.

 Cost to finish a basement 

The average cost to finish a basement depends on the size of the space and what you plan to do with it.

Here is a quick guide to some common basement renovations and how much they cost.


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 Interior of modern urban residence in the basement of the family home, with dining room, common area, and a view of the kitchen.

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The average cost of a basement renovation is around $2500*. If you want to avoid costly repairs in the future, it is important to waterproof your basement.

This will help to protect it from all the water that gets in and can lead to costly repairs.

Foundation repair 

The best way to make a basement more usable is to get a foundation repair.

This costs $5,000-$7,000* on average. However, this can be avoided if you will put in a little work.

You can avoid the cost by taking your time to properly prepare the basement for your project.

You can also avoid spending money on foundation repair by doing some minor remodeling.

The average basement remodels cost is $10,000-$12,000* on average.

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Bright Modern Basement White Kitchen


It is the best way to add value to your home is to do some basement renovation and remodeling.

If you take the time to do this, you will add value to your home and save money on the upgrades.

One of the best ways to save money during basement renovation is to use inexpensive flooring such as carpet.

Carpet is a great budget option at around $1* per square foot. More expensive choices include engineered wood at $6* per square foot and hardwood at $10* per square foot.

HVAC system

Adding a new HVAC system will add between $4,000 and $5,000* to your basement remodel cost. This can rise by $800* or more if new ductwork is required.


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